The Hight Training Course (September 17 – November 5, 2021) aims to meet the growing demand for training on issues and management of problems that arise as a result of immigration flows, especially those from the Islamic world, and intends to provide the analytical and operational tools necessary for an effective and inclusive administrative action in multicultural and multireligious societies.
The course “The Trans-Mediterranean Space and the Islamic World: Integration in Public Spaces” intends to promote knowledge and skills on religious diversity and the challenges of the modern world, with particular attention to everyday practices in public spaces, through a didactic mode e-learning (online) of 36 hours (6 CFU for a total of 150 hours of training and study activities).
A particular focus will be dedicated to Islam, to the stereotypes related to it, to its representations and forms of communication, in order to analyze how the Islamic religion is lived and in order to identify individual and collective religious needs also through the comparison with European experiences.
A deep and critical knowledge of this religion is useful to make public spaces an environment of knowledge and relationship between workers and users, a laboratory of diversity management.
At the end of the course, the students will have acquired knowledge and skills useful for promoting the integration of foreign workers and users and territorial collaboration with local authorities; the students will know and be able to experiment with practices of diversity management.
There will be a final test that consists of online activities related to the units to be carried out on the platform of the Course.


The call for applications expires on:
July 26, 2021.

To participate, visit: