University of Insubria

The Winter School, Globalization and Religions in Multicultural Cities, took as a concrete goal the transfer to the University of Insubria of twenty-four students from Italian PRIMED Universities (selected through a specific call for applications) and twenty-four students selected through a call for participation at the OCI consortium universities.
The Winter School was held on November 11-15, 2019 and focused on the themes of fundamental rights and the construction of inclusive societies based on democratic-constitutional citizenship.
At the center of the Winter School was given space, therefore, to the debate on the challenges that involve, at the level of both political participation and spaces of action for civil societies and religious communities, both in the countries of the northern shore and in the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

The Winter School made use of the contribution of teachers from the PRIMED network and was divided into three main moments:

1) Moments of study and discussion on issues of civic coexistence and conflict management in societies characterized by a high level of religious and cultural diversity (these moments of study and debate will make use of the contribution of both teachers and representatives of local religious communities and civil society);

2) Moments of visits to religious communities and to the most significant social experiences, in order to come into direct contact with witnesses who, in the field, try to operate following the objective of social inclusion and intercultural openness and acceptance;

3) Moments of tourism and leisure, in order to establish a cohesive group of students, attentive to the discovery of cultural and traditional treasures of the place.