The workshop, offered as part of the MUR project Link identifier #identifier__21954-1Primed (Prevention and Interaction in the Trans-Mediterranean Space) and curated by Professors Gervasio, Giorda and Borrillo, is open to all student components of the department and the university, as well as to the external public.
Students who will attend at least 80% of the seminars and will prepare a final paper (the details of which will be defined as soon as possible) will be recognized 6 CFU.

The seminars will take place on the TEAMS platform from 4 to 7 pm, according to the following schedule:

  • 18/3 Laboratory presentation by Gennaro Gervasio and Maria Chiara Giorda; opening seminar by Sara Borrillo (Roma Tre & UNIOR, Naples) Women and Islam between Orientalism and Islamophobia: A Look at the Present (Link identifier #identifier__32023-2link)
  • 25/3 Manlio Graziano (Sciences Po, Parigi) – Geopolitica della paura (Link identifier #identifier__160112-3link)
  • 1/4 Presentation of the volume Islamophobia and Racism (Edizioni SEB27, 2020) with the editor Gabriele Proglio (UNISG, Bra) and authors Marina Calculli (Leiden University) and Clara Capelli (CDN – MICAD Bethlehem) (Link identifier #identifier__98482-4link)
  • 8/4 Gina Annunziata (Academy of Fine Arts & UNIOR, Naples) The representation of Arab-Islamic otherness in Italian cinema (Link identifier #identifier__47674-5link)
  • 15/4 Leila El-Houssi (Roma La Sapienza): authoritarian secularism and “Islamophobia” in a Muslim-majority country: the case of postcolonial Tunisia (Link identifier #identifier__150841-6link)
  • 22/4 Fabrizio Ciocca (Roma La Sapienza) Sports and Muslims in diasporic contexts between diversity and fears; Nicola Di Mauro (UNIOR, Naples) Islamic organizations in Italy between security and rights (Link identifier #identifier__42486-7link)
  • 29/4 Paolo Naso (Roma La Sapienza) An Institutional Table for Relations with Islam. The Italian experience, Alessandro Ferrari (UNI Insubria), The knots of public recognition of Islam in Italy, Enzo Pace (University of Padua), Italian Islam between unity and internal dialectics, Nibras Bregheiche (Islamic religious guide and doctoral student at the University G. D’Annunzio Chieti-Pescara), The needs and rights of a community and the intervention of Yassine Lafram (President UCOII). (Link identifier #identifier__158471-8link)
  • 30/4 Women and Islam in Italy: Representations, Political Practices, Freedom of Expression, with Sumaya Abdelqader (Councilwoman of the City of Milan), Wissal Houbabi (writer, artist and activist) and Marta Panighel (University of Genoa) (Link identifier #identifier__181297-9link)
  • 6/5 Carmen Becker (Leibniz Universität Hannover), The “refugee crisis” in Germany: Producing the “Muslims Other” (Link identifier #identifier__157134-10link)
  • 13/5 Presentation of the volume Muslims at School (Carocci, 2020) with the editors Antonio Cuciniello(UCSC, Milan), Stefano Pasta (UCSC, Milan) and with Milena Santerini (UCSC, Milan – Primed Network) (Link identifier #identifier__137780-11link)
  • 20/5 Gennaro Gervasio (Roma Tre) and Mohammed Hashas (LUISS) – Traiettories of European Islam (Link identifier #identifier__115330-12link)
  • 21/5 Fadma Ait Mous (Hassan II University Casablanca – Aïn Chock, Primed Network) – Knowledge production in the Global South: the work of the intellectuals. (Link identifier #identifier__95370-13link)

A visit to the places of worship in the Tor Pignattara neighborhood is planned for May, if the evolution of the health situation will allow it.
For information and contacts: Link identifier #identifier__194287-14[email protected]