The PriMED is the first major project to prevent religious radicalization launched by the Italian government, and, in fact, the first significant investment by the Italian state in the matter..

Launched by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Scientific Research through the MIUR call: “Establishment of Italian university networks in implementation of cooperation agreements between Italian universities and those of states adhering to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation” (Directorial Decree n.3089 of 11/16/2018 – ID 82382), lasting three years, was won with a score of 96/100 by a large consortium of Italian universities (twelve) and belonging to OCI countries – Organization of the Conference (ten ), coordinated by the University of Eastern Piedmont.

The intrinsic strength of the PriMED project lies in having shared and converged towards a single strategic point, the one that inspires the action of the articulated network of universities involved, the different and multiple scientific skills that animate the project.